The Revolution has begun... try out the Slalom Water Ski edition of COMPETE today!

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 COMPETE is a new way to compete in sports!

With the app, you can compete against anyone, anywhere, at anytime using just your smartphone. 

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No matter where your lake is, with or without a course, you can compete.


You can compete in real time... we mean it! Whenever you want!

Against Anyone

Challenge someone to compete from across the globe.

And Win

Score prizes and more. Bragging rights included! 

How does it work?

COMPETE is a revolutionary way to participate in your favorite sports. 

Currently, available in Slalom Water Skiing, simply follow these steps and COMPETE for free.

  •  Download the Virtual Slalom Skiing app from the Apple App Store.
  •  Create a profile and get out on the lake.
  •  Recruit a friend or a camera mount to record your pass and get your world ranking within seconds.

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